Expected Results

  1. Map of estimated medium-term annual sediment yields at the Province scale, based on multivariate analysis (cluster analysis) on sedimentation data (Milestone 3.1);
  2. Relationships between past channel variations (width, planform), time and controlling factors (past evolutionary trajectories, Milestone 4.1), and map of the expected “sensitive-to-change” reaches for the next future (Milestone 7.1);
  3. Equations describing the statistical relationships between bedload rates and geophone signal at the different monitoring stations (Milestone 5.1 and 5.2), and between sediment transport rates/volumes (suspended and bedload) and flow discharge/volume, differentiated based on season and runoff origin (Milestone 5.3 and 5.4);
  4. 3D numerical model to investigate sediment transport at hydropower structures (Milestone 6.1), and guidelines for management strategies related to hydropower sediment (Milestone 8.1)
  5. Event-related sediment budget composition by morphological monitoring, applied to flood and debris flows which will occur during the project (Milestone 9.1)
  6. List of priorities for sediment management plan in South Tyrol (Milestone 10.1)